Welcome to Teefums

So I guess this will serve as an introduction to this blog. I created Teefums to link together two passions I have in life : thinking and English. Teefums are awesome in that they don’t come in any specific language : they are inside my brain. Wording them afterwards is easier because I never said them out loud and so I’m not polluted by the influence of one language or another : they are language neutral.
Obviously as I’m writing this, I know that my work on here is going to be about destroying that neutrality almost with every chance I get. But hey, who has never thought their Teefums should totally be told to people since they are so great ? Well, maybe they are not, but I can’t exactly know if I never try, can I ?

So this Teefum will be about thinking. Thinking about stuff, life’s everyday matters. Things that you hear from outside sources every single day and are sick of because either you don’t understand them, or you’re annoyed by them, or just bored and want to think about something else.
Thinking has this amazing particularity that once you’ve done it about something, it hangs around pretty much forever. A little bit like learning the difference between your and you’re. Once you’ve made the effort, your good.
A lot of people tell me that thinking is boring. That it’s a pain in the neck. Especially on trivial matters. Who wants to go and enjoy the last Star Trek movie only to hear this party pooper you went to see the movie with talk about the Bechdel test afterwards ?

If you believe thinking about feminism on a daily basis, or racism, or politics, or globalization or individualism or whatever else is boring, or just not for you, it is probably because of two main reasons :

• You are not used to doing it

• You underestimate the speed at which your brain does it

Yes because I’m not talking about having conversations, that’ll come later. No I’m just talking about a Teefums-like thinking: in the intimacy of your alone-ness. We all experience random thinking when we are idle. The thing is, with smartphones, computers, tablets etc. It is hard to find yourself in a situation where your brain is idle long enough to start going weird places.
It only needs 5 minutes to do so, after all, you don’t stand in your shower for hours, right ?

But what makes the shower such a prolific place to the brain ?
Well, an interesting thing to think about is this :

Laws don’t matter while you are under your shower. Meaning that your shower is this special place in which, if you’re like me, you feel confident enough, serene enough to just let all the little things you are dealing with everyday go without realizing it. Society hardly reaches in under the shower. No phone, no boss, no teacher, no email or bill, no bell ringing, no obligation. Just water splashing down on you, and soap. And sometimes a spider, but we’ll pretend like it’s not here right now.

Thinking about “serious” stuff outside of your shower requires mostly to be able to create such a bubble while in public transportations for example, or in the car (bad idea if you are driving, except maybe during traffic), you get the idea. Most of all, it requires you to let go. It requires you to stop, take a moment, and accept to let the world take a spin without you, just for a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes during which :

• Your physical body is going to remain idle

• You will prioritize yourself and accept no exception

Think about it : what can possibly happen within 10 minutes you REALLY can’t wait to do something about ? Louis C.K. Mentioned, while on Conan’s show how phones were preventing kids and people in general how to act like a human. Remaining idle, physically at least, for some time, accepting that your phone is not the answer, that you have other, inner sources of entertainment available, is I think of paramount importance on two levels :

• Your personal well being, how you think of yourself, how you interact with the world you live in

• Society’s well being : since a society is nothing but a group of people. More aware, happier people : better society.

Welcome to Teefums


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