Moutains and sees are marvels
Given to one as so many jewels
On earth once lived their one owner
We’ll call him the Blessed Traveler.

Happiness was no word to him
But indeed his everyday routine
And he enjoyed himself so much
And everyday he felt joy’s touch.

Here and there he came and went
Not even accepting wind’s directions
A truely free soul with no shackles
His will for only guide in the land.

But natural law applies even to thefree
And while he was as happy as can be
There was always it.
There was always it.

The realization dawned on him
His life was nothing but a whim
He was as free as ever a man had been
Yet he no longer thought it a boon

The traveler’s memories changed
Images and feelings no longer blessed
The free man soon felt haunted
What he remembered tainted

Traveling felt worse and worse
The faces he had loved, all of them,
Relentlessly they assaulted him :
It is the blessed traveler’s curse

He seized and threw his liberty away
And started listening to the winds
He walked by a beautiful dying tree
Stared, and left to find his lostfriends…

Later travelers could find
Left against the tree trunk
The treasures he left behind
Remains of a heart that had sunk.

But what none of them ever knew
The Traveler wrote and sang and drew
Nothing is more precious to a man
Than the end of what he once began.