Procrastination is trendy now, isn’t it ? It is a word that has become more and more popular in the last years, yet it is a thing of all times and all places. It appears sometimes that courage is just about refusing to procrastinate on doing something. And yet often we yield to procrastination, now don’t we ?

How hard can it be for me to simply pick my laundry up from the basket and take it to my room ? How long and tedious can it be for me to do this that I just stubbornly keep pushing back the moment I’m going to do it.
Especially when the next few days I have to get out of the shower naked with only a towel around my waist to go and get some underwear from the basket cause I have none of it in my room.
How hard can it be to buy a bus ticket, or a train, or a plane ticket that I keep not doing it until the very very, very last moment. The moment I’m going to, incidently, complain about how freaking expensive prices are now.
What about that presentation I have to do in a week ? Better wait, I’m not in a creative mood right now.

“Wow, so you’re lazy. Big news. Thanks for the insight bro,” you’ll say.
Wait a minute. I think it is reasonable to talk a little about laziness. Shall we ? Looking at the definition of the word, I found that laziness is defined as “a resistance to work, an inclination for idleness”. Calling someone lazy then means that person is in a nearly permanent state of slacking, never wanting to do any work or activity.
Does that seem to define you ?
Does that seem to define what you are doing when you procrastinate ? 100% of the time ?
I am not saying you can’t act lazy from time to time. If my laundry basket doesn’t move, it is mainly because of some laziness on my part. But what about procrastination when it applies to something really important to you ? What about the novel you want to write ? This amazing drawing you want to do ? Or even this paper you have to turn in on a particularly interesting subject ?
No, you are not just lazy. Procrastination is different.

Yet you and I procrastinate.

I don’t believe that not doing what I’m told to do, the way I’m supposed to do it is laziness. I was born pretty much with the internet and thanks to it I am way too well aware of what you can achieve when you go against the flow instead of meekly obeying instructions or orders. Oh I don’t stubbornly refuse authority or instructions, I just enjoy questionning them in ways I think are healthy. My brain works, so let’s use it. If you ask me to do something and I accept, it doesn’t mean I am going to do it the way you want. I am going to produce something of which I can be proud, something imbued with a little bit of myself. I may fail, but I will learn from it, and I will learn ten times more then if I avoid mistakes you prevented me from making by giving me the most efficient way of doing the thing from the start.
There is no shortcut in learning.

“So procrastination is neither laziness, nor stubbornness… Can you get to telling us what you think it actually is ?”
I hope this is not too confusing.
My point here is that procrastination comes from deeper than one might think. I don’t believe it is as simple as a flaw of character. I am convinced the fact that the notion has become more and more of a thing in the last years reveals a pattern.
I think procrastination is a symptom.
But of what ?