We value, in our education system, the capacity of storage of your brain. The ability to remember so many things, so many specific data that it seems you can’t be wrong about anything, since you know so much. That is because we still live in a world that believes that if you don’t know about the past, you will do harm in the future, and therefore are unfit to lead, or to take important decision. It is not unwise.

That world was a world in which access to education was reserved to an elite, in which authority had to remain unquestioned.
Were you to try and learn more about education, you would learn that we know today that our school systems don’t work properly for most people. But education is not failing because it is bad.
It is failing because it is not adapted.

Some people are great at learning data – dates, names, literary movements, and so on. That gives them an insight on what the past looked like, and obviously a better understanding of what is worth aiming at for our future. But these people are not necessarily great at decision making. These people do not necessarily understand patterns. These people are sometimes unable to understand the beauty and complexity of manual crafting…
Decision making, understanding patterns, crafting… These domains require specific intelligence, an intelligence that, if not trained properly, you waste the potential of. The point here is : humans are diverse and complementary

Haven’t you ever met someone you had a discussion with about something important to you and realized how sensible, reasonable, and intelligent what they were saying seemed to be ? And how rooted in a unique combination of experience, information and data their ideas were ?
Has it never occured to you that you are looking at something profoundly right, and at that moment you wished any person with the power to make this great idea happen was there and said “That is brilliant, let’s do it !” ?

These people are those I call the Hidden Great Links. They are those who, hidden in every layers of society, do not access to the positions society deems them unfit for because of our cultural bias of what “being competent” is supposed to be.
And they are the reason why our education system needs to be reformed. They are like raw diamonds that nobody understands how to shape to reveal their genuine beauty.

Education influences our way of understanding people and society. It helps us to distinguish social groups from one another, to accept and create social norms. It imposes on us beauty standards, values…
My philosophy teacher told me, in my last year of high school, right before I attempted at passing the Baccalaureat, that exams such as this one were moulds. A mould you must show you can fit into if you want your ability to go further in society to be recognized.
But if you force people into the proper shape to fit into the mould, they will probably manage to get into the wanted shape… At the cost of great suffering, and right before immediatly going back to their original shape once they’ve made it to the other side.
On the other hand, if you adapt the mould to their shape, and spend years and years earnestly trying to refine it… who knows what marvels we would discover then… Our only mould is old, we need new ones.

Several ones, and each of them a different shape.